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14 Oct 2020 | (UK time) 9:00 - 10:00am


This webinar looks at how diverse actors working in Ethiopia have approached their safeguarding journey, including the lessons learned and challenges of working in this area. The webinar also presents high-level findings from the recent RSH safeguarding needs assessment survey to see what priority needs CSOs working in Ethiopia have identified to help them have safer organisations.

metsehateMetsehate Ayenekulu

Director, AYSRH - PSI/Ethiopia

Metsehate Ayenekulu is PSI/Ethiopia’s AYSRH director and leads a large dynamic team in the design and implementation different projects. She demonstrated strong leadership in the design and scale up process of Goal Keepers 2019 award winner innovation known as Smart Start that serves 15-19-year-old married girls in rural Ethiopia. Being the first born of child bride herself, her vision in life is to see eradication of child marriage in her generation.  She is public health and gender expert by training with more than 15 years of experience on gender equality and women/ girl’s empowerment. She is an Aspen Institute New Voices Fellow in 2019 and is a passionate advocate for sexual reproductive health rights especially for young girls.



mengistuMengistu Gonsamo

Norwegian Church Aid (NCA)

Mengistu has more than two decades of experience in the field of development in managing programmes/projects in particular focus on civil society development, women’s empowerment, monitoring and evaluation, Peace Building, Asset Based Community Development, safeguarding and accountability.  He has developed and managed civil society development programme with CAFOD, SCIAF and Trocaire (CST) Joint Ethiopia office, in which accountability was core component. He has facilitated various training on safeguarding, downward accountability, conflict sensitivity and Do No Harm and Monitoring and evaluation. He has prepared guidelines for safeguarding and accountability as part of partner capacity building. As part of his role as the head of civil society development programme, he has played active role in global discussions on governance and human rights through presenting discourses in relation to civil society space, accountability and women’s rights  in Ethiopia and its implication for civil society development in the country.

Currently, he is working with the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) managing the Peace Building Programme funded jointly by NCA and Church of Sweden. As part of this role, he is working with and building the capacity of faith actors including women and youth to promote social cohesion, build peace and reconciliation.


ritaRita Nemero

Save the Children

Rita has been Child Safe Guarding Focal Point for Save the Children Hawassa Field office since 2014. Her areas of expertise are health and nutrition and she has been managing child protection, education and humanitarian response projects in her over 10 years’ experience in international NGO. 

As a Child Safe Guarding Focal point for the Filed Office, Rita has been leading risk assessment for Child Safe Guarding before the start of a project, coordinate the mitigation of identified risks, and facilitates CSG trainings and orientations to staff, partners, and beneficiaries. Moreover, she also coordinated the mapping of government and local partners working on child safe guarding for better coordination and referral linkage.



Please also be advised that this webinar contains content on safeguarding, that some may find distressing.

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