Following a participatory preparation approach, the Open University have just launched a new online training on safeguarding policies and procedures in the aid sector. The Open University hosted a free one-hour webinar on 21 April 2021 at 12:00 UK Time. You can see the recording of the webinar here. 

This free course started on 26 April 2021. It is very much a course for those working in NGOs and development and humanitarian agencies to better understand the causes of harm, abuse, and exploitation. The course will help addressing power and assuming responsibility to help change organisational approaches to safeguarding.

On the course journey, one will learn about the different forms of harm, abuse and exploitation that may be suffered by those encountering one organisation, will understand how safeguarding policy is key for all international aid organisations and their staff working with and for children, young people, and vulnerable adults, will learn how to put effective systems and structures in place to reduce the safeguarding risks associated with your work, and will be able to design preventative, reporting and response mechanisms for handling safeguarding issues.

The course can be taken on the futurelearn.com platform for free. Participants can learn at their own pace, knowing that the full course would require about 3 hours a week over up to 6 weeks.

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