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This report by the Independent Commission on Sexual Misconduct, Accountability and Culture was commissioned by Oxfam International after the 2018 sexual misconduct by staff in Haiti and elsewhere and the mismanagement of the cases by management. The report covers range of data collected from primary data collection through key informants (survivors, government staffs, Oxfam and other aid agency staffs) in 19 countries and analysis of secondary data collected from staffs in through surveys. The report provides detailed discussion on how organisational culture can affect how safeguarding systems are set up and function. Ethiopia was part of the sampled countries; however the report is not presented disaggregated by country specific information. 

The report is structured around key challenges and broader recommendations within the organization and with in the sector emphasizing the need for realizing systemic change. It also highlights the needs of partner organizations in the global south who may have capacity gaps and who may be struggling with defining safeguarding within a violence tolerant culture. The needs of smaller CSOs in the global south are summarized in the recommendation. The need for common understanding of SEAH in the aid sector, use of standardised and common tools and joint misconduct reporting system are priority recommendations.

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